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Telehealth (Online Therapy)

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"Online therapy provides clients with a convenient, flexible way to access care. Most of my online clients love it!"

- Julie Mounter

Online Therapy (Telehealth)

Online appointments work in exactly the same way as face to face appointments, but we deliver therapy via the internet.  

Julie & Kat provide online therapy (telehealth) via a secure video platform, provided your internet connection is adequate.

The video platform is simple to use, free and requires no downloads.  On making an online therapy session, you are sent a link to your appointment.  You click the link and you’re there.  Easy!

As long as you have a camera and microphone on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone and somewhere private, you’re all set.

Here’s some further information about Cliniko Telehealth Appointments

Tips for Successful Online Therapy Sessions

1. Get ready: Schedule 10 minutes before your first session to review instructions from your therapist for how to access the video portal.  Test it out to make sure it works before the session starts. 

2. Minimise distractions: Aim for a quiet environment, free from distractions.  Notify family members and roommates that you will be having a private call. Ask them to turn down music and television so that it doesn’t disturb you.

3. Be prepared: Double check your internet connection.  Make sure your device is charged and/or your charger is nearby.  Headphones are encouraged, but not required.

4. Optimise your connection: Set up your computer on a flat surface.  This will eliminate shakiness on the video.  Make sure your face is fully in the frame.  A computer works best, but a phone or tablet can work too!

5. Keep calm: Tech issues are normal as everyone adjusts.  Keep in contact with your therapist via phone or email to sort things out if you have trouble connecting. 

6. Get comfy: Snuggle up with your favourite blanket, a warm cup of tea, tissues if needed, and your pet (if they are cuddly!) If your pet is rambunctious, let them play in another room to minimise distractions.

6. Connect as normal: Look into your therapist’s eyes rather than at the camera or your own face.  Treat it just like a normal session.  You may be surprised how much video sessions can feel just as personal as in-person ones.

Is online counselling as effective as counselling in person?

Research indicates that the outcome for clients who have received therapy from an online Psychologist is similar to those having standard therapy in person.

In 2012, Psychologist Dr Autumn Backhaus and her associates conducted a literature review of studies on videoconferencing psychotherapy (VCP), examining 65 articles. The researchers concluded that this form of counselling is “generally associated with good user satisfaction and is found to have similar clinical outcomes to traditional face-to-face psychotherapy”.
Advantages of online counselling

When you have a virtual Therapist, you are not limited by geography. We can offer you counselling wherever you are.

If you begin therapy in person but you have to move away, we can continue our relationship without you having to travel long distances. It can be hard to establish a relationship with a new Psychologist and often the process of starting again is stressful.
We can offer online Psychology sessions with you if you have mobility restrictions, live in a remote area, are caring for children or elderly family, if you are unwell or unable to travel for other reasons. But even if you’re not restricted, we can offer virtual counselling if it’s simply your preference.

Online therapy may also be ideal for you if you work offshore (like on an oil rig or in marine services) or overseas. Living in a foreign country can make it hard to find a Therapist who understands your culture and language, so accessing an online Psychologist in Australia  is a valuable solution in this situation.

Virtual counselling may allow you to feel more relaxed, safe and in control of the process. Some people find it less intimidating or embarrassing than being in the same room with their Therapist.

Online counselling: factors to consider

  • We offer online counselling to individuals provided you can be in a quiet environment with no disruption from kids, family, other people or loud noise.

  • You will need to have a reliable internet connection, or reliable mobile phone connection. 

  • You must ensure that you can be online at the appointed time, in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted or overheard.

  • Virtual counselling is not suitable for you if you are at risk of suicide, in acute crisis, or you have serious mental health issues – there are limits to what I can do as an online Psychologist. If you’re in this position, your GP is always your first port of call.

  • For our online counselling sessions to work smoothly, you need a high-speed broadband connection, plus a webcam and microphone on your computer.

  • Bear in mind there is always going to be a risk of the technology failing, which would be especially alarming if it occurred at a critical point in the session. In our first virtual meeting we will create a plan for what to do in the event of a technical glitch.

  • While some people find it less stressful to speak with an online Psychologist, others might find it disconcerting. There is no handshake or physical gestures of comfort and I can’t hand you my tissues at emotional moments. For some, online therapy can feel distant and cold. You will be able to gauge how you feel about virtual counselling throughout your first couple of sessions.


If you think online counselling is right for you, please contact us to arrange an online therapy session.

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