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Are you a motivated psychologist or accredited mental health social worker who cares about your job and loves being a valued part of a team? We'd love to hear from you! Click here to meet us.

What are our values?


Being excellent to our clients, each other and ourselves.  It’s not only about looking after the clients, which of course is top of the list.  It’s just that we have three “top of the list” priorities and strive to nurture and support each other while we work.


Why do we exist?


The reason we exist is we love minds, and know that all minds matter.  And we love to work with others who are passionate about adult mental health. 


What can you expect?

We have a variety of career opportunities for psychologists and mental health social workers with all levels of experience and will work with you to create a role to suit your needs.

Whether a new grad seeking support in the transition into private practice or an experienced psych looking for a new venture or stepping into private practice for the first time, interested in broadening your skill-set and working with a variety of clients, or wanting to niche in an area of special interest, we have you covered!


  • Friendly, supportive environment

  • Variable hours to suit your lifestyle

  • Your choice of an Employee or Contracting position

  • Administrative support

  • Team Days

  • Financial contribution to PD of your choice (employees)

  • Career pathways so you continue to thrive and grow

  • Opportunities to become a clinical mentor or hold leadership positions

  • Flexibility in days and hours of work for the right person

  • Face-to-face and Telehealth modes of delivery available

  • The opportunity to balance working from home with time here in our light filled office space

  • Employment under the Health Professionals & Support Services Award 2020 enjoying the benefits of annual leave, personal & long service leave (employees)

  • Generous rewards and bonus recognising outstanding performance

  • Opportunities to niche or broaden your skills in a supportive environment

Careers at All Minds Psychology

We'd love to hear from you!


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